The World’s #1 Pizza Oven - OONI is Coming to Singapore!

#MakePizza in just 60 seconds!

Getting your hands on THE #1 PIZZA OVEN in the world is now easier than ever. As Oven Depot brings Ooni to Singapore this November, you’ll have the chance to make mouthwatering pizza in less than 60 seconds. 

CAUTION: Once you get your hands on an Ooni, you can never stop making pizzas at home. Be the first in line and pre-order yours starting November 7 via their website.

With its powerful innovation and show-stopping design, Ooni has grown into a multi-award-winning business and reigned as the world’s number-one pizza oven company

Your Christmas Investment

Ooni Karu 12 perfect for Christmas gatherings

Christmas is just around the corner. Indeed, it is a season of reuniting with family and friends– enjoying each other’s company and making more wonderful memories! Of course, we cannot miss how great our conversations get as we take bites of the food on our table. 

Hence, save time cooking and catch up on your conversations with Ooni pizza ovens. Both the Karu and Koda series reach up to 950F (500C) in just 15-20 minutes. So, cooking a pizza will be done in just 60 seconds.

Versatility at its finest 

Ooni Karu multi-fuel oven series

You just can’t go wrong with the Karu oven series! This multi-fueled model allows you to cook pizza using wood pellets or charcoal. You can also switch to gas using a gas burner, that’s sold separately. The Karu 12 only retails for $579.99, while the Karu 16 is priced at $1,099.00.

Oven that fits your every mood!

Choose and change your fuel as you wish! Not in the hype mood for cooking? Pick gas for consistency and low-maintenance cooking. Want that authentic wood-fired flavor on your pizza? Fire it up with wood and charcoal.

Plug and play

Ooni Koda gas-powered oven series

The Koda 12 and 16 ovens are gas-powered models that boast ultimate ease, control, and convenience. These powerful yet compact ovens are ready right out of the box. No assembly required. Its foldable legs make it easier to set up, transport, and store. Purchase the Koda 12 for only $599.99, and the Koda 16 for only $899.99.

More than that, the Koda 16 is engineered to perfect your 16” pizza on all its sides with its L-shaped burner. 

L-shaped flame for even cooking

With its impeccable design and impressive technology, Koda will complete your outdoor kitchen setup! (Tip: Koda 12 is perfect for smaller spaces!)

Ready to make Ooni ovens as your Christmas investment? Pre-order now through!

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