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  • Ooni Tips and Tricks by Oven Depot Co-Founder, Jared Filart

    It’s been a long time since I first started using my Ooni back in August 2020. After a lot of trial and errors in the process of making amazing pizzas and so much more, I learned amazing things along the way that really helped me get the most out of my Ooni oven and maximize my cooking experience.
    Whether you’ve had an Ooni Oven for 2 years like me or just got one because you saw an amazing deal, here are some tips and tricks I want to share with you so you can have fun throughout your Ooni journey!
  • The World’s #1 Pizza Oven - OONI is Coming to Singapore!

    #MakePizza in just 60 seconds! Getting your hands on THE #1 PIZZA OVEN in the world is now easier than ever. As Oven Depot brings Ooni to Singapo...